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Welcome! I’m Nicole, the personal trainer, health coach, group fitness/spin instructor and blogger behind Nicole Kiernan Fitness, and I’m so happy that you stopped by! Formally Runs & WODs, Nicole Kiernan Fitness has evolved from a running and CrossFit focused blog into a website where I shared all the types of fitness that I am passionate about. While running and CrossFit still play an important role in my life, my fitness journey has blossomed into so much more. I’m excited to share the next chapter of my life with all of you!

Be The Fittest You

Fitness isn’t easy. There is no one size fits all approach to fitness. I’ve learned this the hard way but that doesn’t mean you should get discouraged! Follow my adventures as a fitness professional to learn how you can be the fittest you. I’ll be sharing my weekly workouts, nutrition advice, hosting monthly fitness challenges and of course photographing my daily life as a personal trainer.

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