Fit Tip Friday: Plan Ahead for Race Day

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Fit Tip Friday: Plan Ahead for Race Day

It’s Friday which means I’m 24 hours away from running the Hamptons Half Marathon! My first race in almost a year has me a little nervous. The race kicks off at 8am tomorrow which is exactly 25 hours from now. Ah!! I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not physically ready for PR the race so I’m going to run my best effort and have fun doing so. Every previous race I’ve run I went in with the intention to PR. Whether it happened or not is a different story but PR was always the goal. This is the first race I’m going to the starting line not trying to PR. Doesn’t mean I’m not trying to do my best. My best now is just a little different then my best last year. 

With that being said, I’m really excited to get this race under my belt so I can spend the winter focusing on my speed and getting back into prime running shape. Going to come back stronger and faster than ever!

Nicole Kiernan Fitness: Fit Tip Friday-Plan Ahead on Race Day

Being Friday also means it’s time for another edition of Fit Tip Friday! In honor of my race tomorrow today’s post is all about prepping for your race, especially when you’re traveling. When I ran my first marathon the one tip that stuck with me was plan ahead and don’t wing anything the morning of the race. I’m a planner to begin with but making sure I had everything I needed for race day collected and ready to go days before the race ensured that I wouldn’t forget anything and panic the morning of. Since I’m going to be traveling to East Hampton the morning of the race I’m going to be staying at my parent’s house on Long Island tonight. I also follow the motto nothing new on race day ever since my diarrhea disaster at the Boston Marathon from eating something new that morning. 

My bib number, sneakers and Garmin watch are ready to go along with my race day fuel. I’ve been doing my training runs eating a certain brand of oatmeal, almond butter and gels. Since my body is used to them and react well I’m packing them with me and bringing them with me home on race day. I also have a banana in my oatmeal that morning but I think my mom can handle that one. I’ll have to leave early in the morning to get to the starting line on time so to make sure I have enough energy to run I’m bringing a nutrition bar with me to eat 45 minutes or so before the race. That way I won’t be hungry and will have replenished any carbs I’ve lost in my travels. Prep is the key to success when running any race.

Nicole Kiernan Fitness: Fit Tip Friday-Plan Ahead on Race Day

You can follow my run by tracking me on the Hampton Half Marathon app through the app store. I’ll be providing a race recap on Monday. For all those running the race this weekend, have fun and good luck!

Question of the Day

What’s your pre-race ritual?

Be the strongest you. 

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