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July 18, 2016
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July 25, 2016
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Weekly Workouts 1/18-1/24

Hello everyone! I hope everyone on the east coast effected by yesterday’s blizzard is safe and got their workout in by shoveling snow! NYC is a blanket of snow today. I had a session this morning and walking through the snow piles to get there was a workout in itself! The city did a great job cleaning up but when the plows come and block the side walks it makes it an arctic climb to cross the street!

Like many of you I stayed inside yesterday and used yesterday as a rest day instead of today. I was scheduled to have sessions yesterday but I or my clients cancelled them all to stay safe. Working out is important but not at the risk of my clients who have to travel across the city to get to the gym. With that being said I went to the gym this morning to run (won’t run in this much slush and ice, it’s not safe) and many people had the same idea I did. The gym was a zoo! I’ve never seen it so busy on a Sunday morning. I guess a lot of people were going stir crazy. I had a great workout then treated myself to some paleo pancakes from Hu Kitchen. How delicious do they look?

Nicole Kiernan Fitness: Paleo Pancakes

They tasted just as good! Now I’m in for the rest of the day to get a head on what looks like another super busy week. I did some programming yesterday but time to do some blog work (yes!), emails and admin stuff. Before I go here’s this week’s workouts!

3×10 Adductor
3×10 Abductor
3×15 Goblet Squats
3×15 Single Leg Box Step Ups
3xDistance Farmer’s Walks
3xDistance Single Arm Farmers Walks
MetCon: 10 Wall Balls, 50m sprint, repeat 10 times
1 Mile Warm Up
90s Hill Sprint, 90s Recovery (x8)
15s ME Hill Sprint, 15s Recovery (x12)
1 Hour Pilates
30 Minutes Stair Climber
1 Mile Warm Up
2 minutes (7:00 min/mile pace), 1 Minute Jog x8
15s ME Hill Sprint, 15s Recovery (x10)
3×10 Ab Roll Outs
5×8,7,6,6,5 RDL
3×15 Seated NG Lat Pull Down
3×15 Incline Bent Over Rows
3×12 Single Arm Supported Rows
21-15-9 Kettlebell Swings, Burpees
100 Hollow Rocks
30 Minutes Stair Climber
Rest Day
1 Mile Warm Up
800m (6:57 pace), 3 Minute Recovery x6
15s ME Hill Sprint, 15s Recovery (x10)

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