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July 21, 2015
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Weekly Workouts (8/17-8/23)

Good morning! How’s everyone doing today? It’s 7am here in NYC and I’ve already returned from my early morning 5 mile run. Woof! I usually run on Saturday mornings since I teach 4 back to back classes on Sundays and could use the rest but I wasn’t able to get a run in yesterday so that meant a super early run today. I’m currently training for the Hamptons Half Marathon on September 26th so it’s time to get serious!

This week was another successful week of workouts. As you can see I’m really starting to switch up my workouts. As much as I love CrossFit and MetCon type workouts, I want to spend the next month and a half focusing on more traditional “bro” workouts. With training for the race I want to dial back on how heavy I’m lifting. I’ve always been a huge advocate of strength training for runners, I mean that’s what got me started blogging in the first place, but with my increased strength (especially in my legs) I have slowed down a little bit. Having strong legs when running is a good thing but mine are starting to feel like tree trunks!

Of course I’ll continue to strength train while I’m half marathon training, it’s the best way to prevent injury, however, with that being said, I’ll be dialing back on the load and upping the reps. High rep/light weight is a great way to build muscle without bulking too much. It’s been funny seeing me at the gym using dumbbells and doing more “traditional” workouts. That’s one of the reasons why I’m fascinated by the fitness field. There are so many different ways to exercise and strength train. I’m excited to see how my body reacts to the changes in workouts. Stay tuned!

Time to wrap up here and head out for a morning of teaching spin and bootcamp classes. Come back tomorrow for another new post!

40 Minutes Fasted Cardio on Stair Climber
4×12 Back Squat @ 100#
4×15 Banded Goblet Squat @20kg
3×8 KB Bulgarian Split Squat @14kg
3xdistance Overhead Walking Lunge @35#
4×12 Banded Donkey Kicks
4×12 TRX Pikes
4×30 Ab Scissors
3×20 Russian Twists @10#
Tabata HIIT Workouts (8 rounds: 20s on; 10s off)
Lateral Lunge with High Knee
Sumo Jump Squat
Jump Rope
Prisoner Squat


2x400m sprint (recover 200m)
800m sprint (recover 200m)
2x400m sprint (recover 200m)
800m sprint (recover 200m)
3×10 Banded Good Morning
3×10 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 85#
3X10 Barbell RDL @ 65#
SA SL Cable Pull
3×15 Ski Pulls with Cook Band
8 Min EMOM 20 KBS @ 24kg


40 Minutes Fasted Cardio on Stair Climber
3×8 Floor Press @ 65#
3×8 Inverted Row on Smith Machine
3×10 Kneeling Cable Lat Pull Down @ 32.5#
3×10 Split Stance Cable Chest Press @ 22.5#
3×5 Negative Pull Ups
3×5 Push Ups
3×10 Tricep Pull Down
3×10 Banded Bicep Curls
3×10 Banded Shoulder Press
3×10 Sinlge Arm Cable Pull in Plank
3×10 Cable Russian Twists @ 12.5#
10 Min EMOM: 6 KB Double Arm Push Press @ 12kg (odd)
45 Second Jump Rope (even)
Tabata: Ball Slams @ 20#; core


9 Mile Run


45 Minutes Cardio on Stairclimber
3×10 Front/Lateral Raise @12.5#
3×10 Bent Over Row @12.5#
3×10 Side Plank with Reverse Fly
3×10 Squat to OH Press
3×10 Warrior 3 with Tricep Extension
3×10 Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl
3×10 TRX Chest Press
3×10 TRX Skull Crusher
3×10 TRX Pull Ups
3×8 Cable Deadlift with Row
3×10 Decline Bench Leg Lifts
3×10 Swiss Ball Sit Ups
Tabata HIIT Workouts (8 rounds: 20s on; 10s off)
Ice Skaters
Russian Twists @12#
Seal Jacks
Plank with Alternating Leg Lift
High Knees
Ab Scissors @12#
Bicycle Crunches


Rest Day


5 Mile Run

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite body part to workout?

Be the strongest you. 

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