Weekly Workouts (11/23 – 11/29)
July 29, 2015
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July 30, 2015
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Weekly Workouts (8/24-8/30)

Good morning beautiful readers! I hope you’re all enjoying one of the final weekends of summer! Another great week of workouts this week. Trying out this more “traditional” bodybuilding workouts has had me completely out of my element but I actually don’t hate it. Don’t get me wrong I miss my clean and jerks, thrusters and heavy lifting but my body is responding well to the change of pace. I had two awesome runs this week. I did 8 miles on Thursday and 10 on Saturday. Luckily I had fantastic weather given the time of year and that made a huge difference. It’s amazing how much better your runs can be when you can actually breathe. I didn’t trip and fall this week either so that’s always a plus! My legs didn’t feel nearly as heavy as they have been. Combination of great weather, feeling good and not falling has boosted my confidence and I’m feeling ready for my race in a month. Setting a new PR may not be in the cards but I’m finally getting back to my old pace.

I hope you all had a great week of workouts as well! If you put the hard work in, amazing things will happen. Even when you don’t want to lift or run (as you can tell by my pic below I was not having it with a 5am sprinting workout) or whatever it may be. Push yourself just a little bit. Your body will reward you in the end. 

Nicole Kiernan Fitness: Weekly Workouts

40 Minutes Fasted Cardio on Stair Climber
5×12 Back Squat @100#
5X12 Banded Goblet Squat @20kg
5×12 Single Legged Box Step Up
5×12 Lateral Lunge with High Knee
5×12 Donkey Kick @7.5#
5×12 Bottoms Up
5×12 Ab Tucks
5×12 Med Ball V Up with Russian Twists @10#
5×12 Hip Drops
5×12 KB Figure 8 @12kg
5×12 Butt Ups (Plank)
5×12 Ball Slams @20#
5×12 One-Handed Med Ball Slam
5×12 Banded Twists for Obliques
5×12 Hanging Leg Oblique Raises
4×12 Banded Good Mornings
4×12 Dumbell Hip Thrust @25#
4×12 Straight Leg Deadlift @60#
4×12 Single Arm/Leg KB RDL @16kg
4×12 Cable Row @32.5#
4×12 KBS @24kg
7x 3 Min Run/2 Min Recovery
40 Minutes Fasted Cardio on Stair Climber
3×15 Side Crunch
3×15 Bow Extensions
1 Minute Bosu Jumps
1×30 X Factor @5#
3×15 Bear
3×15 Dumbbell Lateral Raises @15#
3×12 KB Front Raises @10kg
3×10 Rear Flies with Incline Bench
3×15 Cable Shoulder Press
3×10 Tricep Extensions with Resistance Bands
3×15 Cable Arm Curls with Rope
8 Mile Run
4 rounds of:
1 Minute Tuck Jump Burpee
15 Pike Push Up
10 Each Side Bulgarian Split Squat
20 Glute Bridges
30 Second Mountain Climbers
10 Each Side Single Leg Tricep Dip
10 Each Side Side Plank Crunch
30 Second Each Side Plyo Deadlift
20 Superman
10 Each Side Alt Leg Raise Toe Touch
10 Mile Run
Rest Day

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