September 21, 2017
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What I Ate Wednesday Week 17

Hello everyone! How’s your week going? This week for me has been a little back to normal and not nearly as bananas as it was last week. Phew! I actually finished up my day at 2pm on Tuesday and was able to meet up with an old coworker who was in town. Doing normal things during the week? Weird! But at least I’m sticking to my New Years resolution of making more time for friends. Honestly, it felt so good. As much as I love my job I need a life to sometimes.

It’s Thursday which means I’m sharing everything I ate yesterday. There’s been a return of an oldie but goodie to my menu. Any idea what it is? Clue, it’s not paleo (shocker!). I’m calling spoiler alert here but its.. oatmeal! I’ve been going back and forth between a strict paleo diet and a more flexible one that allows grains for months now and well I’m back on the grain game. My decision to add oatmeal back into my diet was actually a pretty simple one. I’ve found that oatmeal keeps me fuller in the morning than anything else and with my mornings being jammed packed from 5:30am to 9 or 10am I need something that will prevent me from being hungry and nibbling on my clients. 

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